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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mickey and Chuck E. ain't got nuthin' on ME!

Since the last time I posted, I have called an exterminator [loved the jolly old fellow but too, he told me all his tricks. Must have been my booby flashes that did him in ;) ], laid numerous traps with peanut butter and cheese [This must be Remy from "Ratatouille" because he can smell my sneaky little traps], and freaking scared myself about 48 times trying to set the darn sensitive traps just to get the mouse.
I seriously thought I might have actually ran him off by loudly talking about purchasing a cat but then just about 30 minutes ago something caught my eye and I went to the pantry and heard him chomping on something. His mom must have not taught him to chew with his mouth closed!! Geez! So I tip-toed to our "Mouse Destruction Cabinet" and pulled out some more mouse traps and these really sticky pads you can put anywhere.
Well, I saw the mouse run out and get stuck on the pad!!! It was so stinkin' awesome. So to make sure it couldn't get away, I happily squashed his paws further into the pad and proceeded to mash his belly fur as well. He had some choice words in mouse lingo but I cannot translate for you what was said as I will be at the Temple tomorrow morning and that would not look good. Needless to say, I scared the s@#% out of him; literally, it's stuck to the pad as well.
Do these things come in pairs? Or am I done?

Until next time!
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Jenae said...

I'm glad he won't be chomping on your food storage any more.... but totally sad that he's so cute. You released him into the wild where he will live happily ever after, right? RIGHT?!?!?

Laura said...

Hi, Tiffany! I discovered your blog too. Hope you don't mind if I read it. You're welcome to read my blog too.

Good for you for catching your visitor! I didn't even know about those sticky pads. They seem much more humane than traps.

Did you release him into the wild? He probably had family missing him, you know.

James and Shelley said...

We had two of those rascals when we lived in Provo and used the same type of traps to catch them and I was home one night when one got stuck and screamed out some things in mouse talk that I couldn't repeat either. I hope yours was flying solo, though!

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I love those sticky pads, they work great. Just don't step on one! When I discovered we had mice, we caught 13 of those disgusting little creatures with just the sticky pads. They breed quickly and have huge litters so I'd keep the pads out for a while if I were you.

Lori Hurst said...

Hi Tiffany - I am sneaking over here too! I am at least up today and out of bed for a few minutes - I will give you a call.

Now, for your story - you actually squashed his paws in further and his fur belly? Like ... with your fingers? Ewwww!

And I am a realist - they go in the garbage stuck to that thing and die a slow horrible death. Or so I am assuming...

Leslie said...

We use to use the sticky pads until a mouse got caught on one and wiggled his way UNDER the fridge!! We could hear his squeaking and wiggling but could not find him!! To top it all off I discovered that once the little mouse is stuck...there is NO unsticking them (at least that I could figure out)! SO...when the mice come sneaking in we lay out the old fashioned, dangerous traps with peanut butter!

Robin Conner said...

I'm so glad I decided to check your blog! Yeah you're blogging! so fun to read your posts thus far! You are so vicious to the poor little mouse! What did you do with him after you smooshed him into the goo? You heartless killer! j/k I'd probably do the same thing! I hope you're doing well. I'm suriving with 4! Tired as all hell, but surviving! Miss you!