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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I admit it.....I'm a SLOGGER!!

What do you get when you put SLOW and BLOGGER together? A SLOGGER!! That is me! I have had this blog for almost a year and I have only blogged 4 TIMES!! I should be "brow-ser" beaten.....tee hee. Moving on from those lame internet jokes, I should mention that I am on a budget with my husband (whom, BTW, has blown his allowance) to cut down on debt and I too [shame] have gone over budget. But I am sneaky and don't feel nearly as in trouble as he should be. I am in charge of finances which means, I look at the bills. Rarely does he ever participate, except to spend. Well, I have found this website, darn you Debbie :P It's, and it has these awesome swimsuits that are MODEST. Now, I can't seem to stop looking, and then purchasing, their swimsuits. I seriously have an entire wardrobe of swimsuits. But I counter compulsive shopping with the fact that during the summer months (in Texas, 9 months) I will inevitably be in/around water almost everyday. Just look at their swimwear and tell me you aren't addicted!!!
till next time!
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Melanie said...

Yea thanks Tiff! I'm like Ernie...I like participating in the spending part. I'm going to go look at that site, and most definitely buy one. Thanks!!! Brett will thank you too!

Robin Conner said...

Those are so cute! Now we need to see pics of you modeling them! ;) Thanks for all the cards you sent for mothers day and fathers day, you are sweet! I hope you're doing well! Hope those cute girls aren't making you pull out your goldie-lock hair! ;) Miss ya!

Laura said...

Nice to have the mouse picture much further down the page!

Those are cute bathing suits. I should show my daughter that site.

chasenbrooke said...'re back to blogging. I absolutely love the swim suits. Good pick.

Debbie and Boys said...

You're so funny, Tiff! Yeah, these are addictive and so cute. Can't wait to see you model them this weekend!

Mandi said...

Ok now I want one. I love the high necks (my boobs won't be exploding everywhere). I usually just buy a speedo to keep them traped down because other cute suits can't keep them in