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Monday, April 6, 2009

Kendall's Bad Habits

For my first blog, I thought I would air my dirty laundry and let you all know that Kendall has become a smoker. No, not the "puffing" from a cigarette but chewing the filter to get her high on. Yes, I know what you're thinking "WHAT THE ......?" The story begins with us going to my neice's 1st year birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALI!! We played on the bouncer, ate pizza scarfed down cake, swang in the tree swing, and went sliding to our hearts content. When any of the above bored us, we, meaning Kendall, went and found a cigarette butt to chew on. Yummy! But Kendall also shared her pizza with the dog and has, in the past, tasted her own poo (another story about me not watching her I'm sure). Don't know which it the lesser of the evils??

Till next time!
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Melanie said...

Kendall cracks me up! I'm sooo glad to see you finally are on the blogging world! YEA! So we went to 3 different redboxes while were out for Twilight. Finally got to one, and the couple in front of us got the last stinking one. boo!

Debbie and Boys said...

Oh, dear...then Mary told me about this morning and Kendalls smoking problem. Hilarious! As for the eating poop thingy, my friends little girl does the same thing and she's like 3 years old...this child has given her a run for her money.
So good luck with that!