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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I get the tinglees in a silly place....

I was changing Makinzi's diaper before bed and I noticed a shadow dart around the corner but at the same time I saw half an empty plastic egg move. At first, I thought it was a water cockroach (it's that time of the season). I don't mind them because I can generally get them before they escape somewhere. **FYI - my husband is MORE afraid of bugs than I am** So now I am picking things up and moving them to try and find this little bugger. After awhile, I replay the image in my mind and decide it must have just been the plastic egg moving as Kendall kicked it when she walked. Okay, so move forward a few hours and I am actually fixin' to write a blog about jokes when I see something race across my kitchen floor into the pantry. Ah hah! Gotcha now you little....Beware! Momma is on a murderous rampage. I open the pantry door and start slowly moving things with my left hand while keeping my trusty wad of napkins in my thunderous hammer grip ready for action as soon as the perpetrator shows his creepy face. But I don't see anything. I open the door wider to get a better playing field when all of a sudden I see a little grey mouse run out and around the corner, under the door. "OHH THAT IS NOT A BUG!!" "OHH THAT IS NOT A BUG!!"
[Right now I'm reminded of that line in "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat - I get the tinglees in a silly place - But I'm not getting tinglees from anything good. Don't you just love those chills that run up and down your whole body, "mini-convulsions", and you know it's a combination of being creeped out, scared, feeling dirty, and panic ALL AT ONCE!!]
Now Ernie is off the couch and wanting to know what's the ruckus. He still doesn't do anything manly and notices that his remote is in need of new batteries. So he's off to Wal-Mart while I have caught the mouse in my pantry by stuffing a blanket under the door. I can part with the food in my pantry if it requires me to shove a killer bomb under the door to rid my house of this quick and creepy nuisance. I'm calling the exterminator tomorrow!!

Till next time!
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Lori Hurst said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Do you mind if I read it / stalk you?

Love the mouse story! But wouldn't love it in my house!

Leslie said...

Set a mouse trap with Peanut the money it would cost to hire an exterminator!

James and Shelley said...

Hey Tiff!! Ikes, a mouse.. did you read Liz's mouse saga? It was hilarious. They did finally catch theirs.. how is your hunt going?? It's no fun to have an unwanted visitor like that. It's fun to come across your blog!!


Jenae said...

Just found your blog! Yay! Love the mouse story. And now I want to hear about lil Miss Smoker eating her own poop. My babies have a problem with that....(my Beagle babies!) How did you get her to stop??? :)