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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I admit it.....I'm a SLOGGER!!

What do you get when you put SLOW and BLOGGER together? A SLOGGER!! That is me! I have had this blog for almost a year and I have only blogged 4 TIMES!! I should be "brow-ser" beaten.....tee hee. Moving on from those lame internet jokes, I should mention that I am on a budget with my husband (whom, BTW, has blown his allowance) to cut down on debt and I too [shame] have gone over budget. But I am sneaky and don't feel nearly as in trouble as he should be. I am in charge of finances which means, I look at the bills. Rarely does he ever participate, except to spend. Well, I have found this website, darn you Debbie :P It's, and it has these awesome swimsuits that are MODEST. Now, I can't seem to stop looking, and then purchasing, their swimsuits. I seriously have an entire wardrobe of swimsuits. But I counter compulsive shopping with the fact that during the summer months (in Texas, 9 months) I will inevitably be in/around water almost everyday. Just look at their swimwear and tell me you aren't addicted!!!
till next time!
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