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Monday, July 20, 2009

Makinzi and Kendall swimming!!

PROBLEM: With the Texas summers comes lots of pool time. Makinzi keeps it simple since she doesn't like water in her face but Kendall is fearless and jumps off the edge whether you are looking or not.

SOLUTION: Ernie found the Infant Swimming Resource! It teaches kids how to float and swim when/if they fall into a body of water and how to get to safety.

This is the girls' first week of training and they have a few more weeks to go before their final test, fully clothed!

Check out the video Ernie made.

I have to say that at first, the girls were choking down water, crying, saying "Momma, momma" and "I don't want to". But after the first few classes...WOW! Makinzi doesn't even want to wear her life jacket at the pool. She wants to swim like a fish. And she loves putting her head underwater! Kendall is still fearless as ever but she holds her breath much better and tries to swim to the side.


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Robin Conner said...

That swimming was amazing! I couldn't believe how great they were doing, and they are so young! That is sooooo cool!!! I was so excited to see that you posted pics!!! Yeah!!!! Your girls are so adorable! I was so happy to see the pics. I hope you're doing well girly! I miss ya! Keep posting! And add a couple pics of you now and then! ;)

Lori Hurst said...

Great swimming! You will have little fish before you know it!

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Very impressive!